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As a landlord/agent, would you let a property without taking a deposit? We can almost guarantee your answer would have been a firm no! However, without a thorough property inventory, this may as well be the case as it means that, should there be any deductions when the tenants move out, landlords are completely reliant on the tenants' good nature to put right any damages. The tenant has all the control.

Our expert inventory clerks can create a comprehensive schedule of condition for your property regardless of size. This will ensure your tenants are aware of the expectations for when they leave the property and avoid uncomfortable disputes over deposit deductions.

We guarantee you will receive a copy of the report within 48hrs!

N&C Property Inventories is committed to offering high quality inspection reports using the most up-to-date technologies to provide an outstanding level of service.


Our inventory reports are composed in a clear and easy to use format that make it easy for both landlord and tenant to agree any discrepancies in a concise and speedy manner. 

We also specialise in inventories for high end properties.




  • An inventory report serves as an extensive guide on the most proficient method to restore the property toward the finish of the tenure back to its original check in state.

  • The inventory report will set out the state of the property toward the beginning of the tenancy, which the tenant agrees to.

  • It protects tenants’ deposits, as long as the property is in a similar condition.

  • It eliminates the potential for differences relating to responsibility of repairs and aid in deciding reasonable wear and tear.

  • It will help with the responsibility for maintenance during the period of tenancy.



Global warming is a subject at the forefront of most people's minds - well, after Brexit! As a landlord it should definitely be at the front of your mind because the more extreme the weather is, the more your investment could be at risk of damage – this is especially important to be aware of in winter.

The biggest winter threat is the risk of freezing pipes. There are simple steps you can take that will hopefully prevent your pipes freezing over and bursting. Giving your tenants plenty of notice, your first job should be to check the pipes for any cracks – which should be tended to straight away.

Once you’re happy the pipes are in good order, make sure there’s plenty of lagging around them, as this will help insulate them and protect them from the cold.



You can now get LED spotlights that are bright enough to replace halogens, as well as regular energy saving bulbs (‘compact fluorescent lamps’ or CFLs). They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fittings.

If the average household replaced all of their bulbs with LEDs, it would cost about £100 and save about £35 a year on bills!

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