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Mid-Term Inspection

 The majority of letting agents and landlords command in their tenancy agreements that the property is subject to inspection once every 3-6 months. Mid-term property inspections can ensure the tenancy is running smoothly, as per the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement, and can ensure that the landlord/agent is not faced with a huge issue at the end of the tenancy.


A mid-term inspection provides the landlord/agent with a report which identifies any issues we believe could arise in the future especially if your tenants have not already made the landlord/agent aware of.  This means that you have the opportunity to deal with any issues head on, and not allow them to worsen.


Our mid-term inspections have a strong focus on damp and condensation within the property advising tenants of what they can do to reduce or eliminate damp and mould. We also check for smoking, unauthorised occupancy and pets in the property.

We offer 2 types of mid-term inspections.

Standard Mid Term Inspection

This includes a brief report detailing the current condition of the property, whether smoke alarms are fitted and working, whether any damp is present and any major maintenance issues as informed by the tenant.

Highly Detailed Mid Term Inspection

This includes a highly detailed report detailing the areas as noted in our standard mid term inspection however with the addition of all appliances being inspected, window safety, door security, all extractor fans checked for operation as well as all features within the property including flooring, walls etc.


£40 - £110

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