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Covid Update

We are aware that despite restrictions being lifted following the coronavirus pandemic, some may still be feeling a little nervous so we will continue our cover protocols as an option if requested by any clients or tenants. 


If requested, we can provide any or all of the procedures listed below.


  • Disposable gloves (and a new pair worn for each appointment) and/or antibacterial gel

  • All required key hand overs and brief conversations will be conducted outside of properties/offices

  • We will call clients ahead of time so keys can be collected at the door rather than having to enter any offices - please include a contact number for tenants when booking

  • Disinfectant wipes and antibacterial gel will continue to be used regularly in our vehicles specifically on our steering wheels, gear sticks, radio buttons, handles etc to reduce the risk of transmission

  • If any of our clerks are displaying covid symptoms, they will immediately be removed from their booked appointments and these will be covered by another member of the team and will not be allowed to return to work until they have a negative lateral flow test. 

  • When meeting any tenants we will keep a safe distance from them and ask them if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus or had contact with anyone that has. If any tenant confirms/responds yes, the agent/landlord will immediately be informed and between us we will use our professional judgement on how to proceed whether it means cancelling the booking so a deep clean can be arranged or whether the keys should be left on a wall/door step and the tenant being asked to remain a safe distance away from the property and waiting for the clerk to walk away before picking up the keys. In the case of a check out, the tenant will be asked to leave the keys on a wall/door step or on the kitchen worktop and door left on latch and to vacate before the clerk enters

  • We will be offering a weekly key collection service whereby we collect all keys required for the week from you/your office to reduce contact

  • Where possible, we would ask to eliminate the need for contact with tenants by using options such as lock boxes if possible

We do hope these (some optional) precautionary measures we are implementing will offer some reassurance to you all and will allow us to continue to offer our services creating highly detailed and accurate reports as always.

Please do keep safe and well always,

The N&C Inventories Team

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